A Mini Celebration and an Idea

Last Thursday the venerable bookstore, Another Read Through, asked me to read from my novel When Patty Went Away. It was an awesome evening, to my way of thinking, a couple dozen people came and listened while I read, and asked some good questions (one of which I didn’t have much of a good answer for).

For me it was an evening to celebrate, not only reading from Patty but just that day I had finished the last draft of my next novel. If anyone saw fireworks earlier that afternoon, they were not the Fourth, but me when I pressed “save” for the last time, threw a kiss to the heavens, and promised myself a few days off.

I should have known.

Before the evening was through, I had promised to teach a writing class at Another Read Through, starting just after the new year. I am so excited. I love writing. I love good writing. And I love writing which shows even the potential to be good. I have worked so hard to learn how to tell a story; it’s meant classes and workshops, critique groups and more classes. I’ve loved every one of them. But I think the thing that I’m most passionate about is passing on some of what I’ve learned and seeing someone’s lights go on, then watching them walk their own journey however they walk it.

I can’t quit thinking about the class, and it’s still six months away. So much for time off.


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