There’s a reason they call this mystery a “cozy”



Lanvin murdersI just finished Angela Sanders’ mystery The Lanvin Murders. What a romp. If you can possibly find a murder delightful, this is the one.

Joanna Hayworth runs a resale shop in Portland Oregon. She clings to another time, she drinks martinis, she wears silk dresses from the 1950s which she lovingly repairs, and she knows every line, perfume and style of a time gone by.

The hold on her dreamy life takes a turn when, one morning, she finds one of her best customers dead behind her shop counter. The body is wrapped in a coveted Lanvin coat. The murder jettisons Joanna on a  a twisting road to find out what happened, a road that ends up threatening her life.

The Lanvin Murders is an outrageously comforting and quirky tale filled with off-the-wall characters, juicy settings, and a sweet and unconventional protagonist who carries the load.

The Lanvin Murders is a real curl-up-and-read.  I recommend it, for sure.


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