Tana French I’m a Fan


The Secret Place

I just finished Tana French’s The Secret Place. What a read; fun, fast, imperfect.

The action of the story takes place in one day. The day begins when a card is posted on a bulletin board of an elite girls’ prep school. The card is unsigned; it says the writer knows who murdered a boy the year before. Two cops, Moran, ambitious but not sure of himself, and his superior, sarcastic and streetwise Antoinette Conway, are sent to investigate.

In the school, French describes an idyllic place of privilege and she nails the back-stabbing cynical teen girls who are suspect in the killing. These kids are downright snarky. Couldn’t stop hating them. Couldn’t put the book down.

Don’t expect depth, but do expect a good mystery and a bunch of compelling characters to carry it.


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