One more thing

Well, whodathunkit, The Seasons of Doubt, which I’ve grappled with and put away three times, reared its head again. I’d dusted my hands three times and I thought I was done with it. Well, not.

This novel has been like whack-a-mole; I’d hammer it down and it would just pop back up again and again. I don’t think I know why. I’ve put stuff away before, buried it and never looked back. But this? It’s been like some Persephone I’ve tried to relegate to the underworld, but won’t stay there. I guess I just can’t manage my gods. 

Anyway, I was whining to my best friend a few months ago, how I really wanted to move on with other stuff, but this novel wouldn’t let me. She said, “Why not just get it out and do one thing on it?” That seemed possible, so I did. Then I did one more thing, and one more, until, here I am, The Seasons of Doubt is on Muskrat Press’s docket to be released April next year!

Heaven knows I’ve whined enough. I’ll admit I do feel somewhat less burdened, but am looking at a ton of work before it’s done. Keep you posted (again, and again, and again).

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