The Opposite of Easy

Robert Henri self portrait 2 600 dpi

On the death of his mother In 1883, fifteen-year-old Ezekiel Harrington is forced to move from his home in remote Nebraska and go to Philadelphia to live with relatives he has never met. His relatives steal what his mother left him. He runs away, intending to forge a life of his own.

Things take a turn when he meets an old boyhood friend from Nebraska. Robert Henri is now on his way to becoming an artist. Ezekiel takes up with Henri and Henri’s cadre of driven artists, including a young Bohemian woman who will forever change his life.




The Seasons of Doubt

In the frigid Nebraska winter of 1873, Mary Harrington and her five-year-old son are starving. Three months before, her husband left their sod house and has not returned. Mary has lost hope she will ever see him again. Her choices are bleak: continue to wait and die of hunger, or pack their few things and leave. Desperate and cold, they flee the homestead in a what likely may be a futile search for help.

Written in the the rich days of settling America and in the spirit of Willa Cather, The Seasons of Doubt portrays the courage of a mother in severe and paralyzing times left to survive and to find a way to raise her child alone.

The Seasons of Doubt to be released April