Jeannie Burt

Jeannie Burt was raised on a farm in Oregon. There were six, counting her, in her high school graduating class. She was related to half of them, a situation that fostered neither romance, nor privacy or adventure, but it did tend to keep her in line.


After college, she lived in San Francisco, New York and Milano where she became passionate about art. She adores Paris and visits often. She now lives in the Pacific northwest.

Through the years, Jeannie always wrote–jotted mostly. But jotting eventually turned to “real” writing and her writing has been published for a long time.

First came two non-fiction titles, “What You Need to Know to Show Your dog” and “Lymphedema”. But her real passion lay in fiction, reading, talking, escaping in, and eventually writing fiction. Her first novel,  “When Patty Went Away”, was published February 2013. An historical novel, “The Seasons of Doubt” is scheduled to publish April 2018.